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Tips and hints for new Kiwi Users :-)

Hello everyone!

I am a new Kiwi owner and so I had some problems at the beginning (Ethernet spures, problems with the power supply).

I wanted to get the Kiwi to have a computer independent SDR, which I can use on the 160m band. In addition I had to build a self-made loop (1m diameter) to hide a local interference. In addition there was a LZ1AQ pre-amp (strongly recommended!).

When everything was set up, I found out with the Kiwi in connection with the pre-amp that I also had the Ethernet tracks. In addition there were local disturbances from the house.

After many attempts, I have now (for me) a very good result and would like to share my experiences gladly:

- As far away from your house as possible!
- If you, like me, use a Magnetic Loop with a pre-amp, don't choose too big! 1m diameter is enough for 160m with a good pre-amp.
- Choke all(!) cables via a ferrite core!
- Do not use a switching power supply, there are good ones, but even these still produce slight interference. It is best not to use it at all!
- Use a very good network cable if you use the LZ1AQ pre-amp. On the Ethernet side, please also use very good Cat 7 cables.
- Be sure to install the Kiwi in an aluminium housing!

If all these things are followed (as described in FAQ), you'll be thrilled!

If you want to try it now, you can do so at, especially for the low bands.
Please pay attention to the German local time for low bands, otherwise there won't be much to receive during the day.

73 Andre / DL4QB
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