Syllabic Voice Squelch

edited January 2019 in Problems and Issues
Improvement suggestion: Add a syllabic voice squelch for SSB.
This is the kind of voice squelch commonly found in commercial land mobile HF transceivers.
It helps to alleviate the constant background noise when monitoring an HF SSB channel, such as: aeronautical, maritime, amateur, NGO, government, or utility.

Some suggested details:
1. User sensitivity adjustment.
2. One second delay of audio output, and the use of cadence for voice recognition, with pre-delay squelching to prevent missing the first syllable or two.
3. On/Off button, plus an Enable/Disable button which includes the delay audio output, so that the operator may manually unsquelch without losing the second of delay.
4. Visual indication of voice squelch opening with blinking tab or tray icon; this would provide a feature for many of us who are using a tabbed browser kiwiSDR for multichannel monitoring.


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