KiWi missing on

Hi All,

Ron alerted me to the fact that my KiWi was missing on

I checked and it's showing up on, but I noticed that a few other KiWi's are also missing from, so it's not just me and you may wish to check your own KiWi to see if it's showing up.

It's definitely a problem with as this has happened to me on a previous occasion, when my KiWi went 'missing' for several days and then came back on the map for no apparent reason.

I use the same configuration and API key on my other KiWi marked Kernow and that is displaying correctly.

I checked via the KiWi admin interface and the registration was marked as 'success', so I deselected and then re-selected register on just to confirm that it had a current connection to Andr?s's server and that worked OK too.

I've written to Andr?s, so hopefully he can figure out what is going on.


Martin - G8JNJ


  • I've seen this happen, but I'm new to the kiwi and figured it was me rebooting it often and changing settings and such. Thanks for too, I was not aware of that site!
  • I've noticed my kiwi disappears after 7 days and I have to reboot it and everything is fine again, until another 7 days passes.

  • I had a recent power cut which corrupted both of my Kiwi's, after setting it all back up again only one appears on despite saying success when registering. It does show up on so there must be an issue with
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