No TDoA map

When I access the TDoA extension on my KiwiSDR, no map of KiwiSDRs are displayed - where the map should be is grey. What might I be doing wrong to cause this? I see some chatter somewhere where my KiwiSDR was used by someone to DF something, so am sure I've cocked something up after finally getting things going again after returning home from KH6.

73 & mahalo, Brett aka Alex aka ? - VR2BG.


  • jksjks
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    I was able to run the TDoA extension from your Kiwi without problems. Most likely it is an issue with your browser or network not being able to contact the external sites that serve the maps. When you have the grey screen try opening the browser Javascript console window and see if there are error messages associated with the external sites (,,

    Open the console window using these key sequences:
    Mac: Firefox cmd-alt-K, Chrome cmd-alt-J, Safari cmd-alt-C
    Windows: probably ctrl key instead of cmd.

    Also, try it using the old deprecated Google maps just to see what happens. Start the TDoA extension from the URL using the "gmap:" parameter (note ":" after gmap), e.g. http://mykiwi:8073/?ext=tdoa,gmap:
  • Appreciate the quick response. The Javascript console doesn't open (both the Java & Javascript consoles appear when running something else that uses Java). Google maps does work. Using XP SP3 here with FF 52.9.0esr & JRE 1.8.0_151-b12.

    73, Brett.
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    "Doesn't open"? Really? There's no reason it shouldn't, although I can't speak for FF as old as 52.9. Can you try opening it via the FF menu item? Not sure what it will be for FF 52, but look for it under Tools > Web Developer > Web Console or something similar.

    Interesting that Google maps works. We really need to see error messages from the console..
  • Sorry, I misunderstood which console - browser instead of Java (somebody's trade war just put an end to my retirement & I'm finding working shifts on the wrong side of 50 to be a challenge). Issue sorted after recent update (1.25something). Have since managed to get a reasonably good fix on the unmistakable Raytheon OTHR signals seen around here, so is working FB.

    73, Brett/p.
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    Okay, glad it seems to be working. That fix looks like the Alice Springs JORN site, no?

    There is still a bug where sometimes after a map change some of the map tiles are grey. They will "fill-in" if you drag the map around a little bit. I still don't understand what causes this.

    Also, there used to be a problem getting a proper TDoA solution when the map was positioned such that it crossed the 180 degree "anti-meridian" (i.e. to the east of New Zealand and Fiji and the antipode to Greenwich). But it seems to be working in your example so maybe it's not an issue anymore. It was on my infinite list of issues to look at.
  • Belated reply thanks to working shifts...

    Yes, TDoA map working fine after that update sometime back. So far, haven't run into the grey tile or 180 degree longitude problems, so perhaps they are also no more.

    That might have been JORN from VK8, but at other times when doing a number of runs eventually I get a few grouping around the VK4 site. Sometimes the bursts look a little different - which previously I thought might help identify which site was being heard - but now nearly 13 years after figuring out we've had supposedly white hat country OTHR in the ham bands, there hasn't been must interest by hams in the source countries to confirm or even complain them.

    I previously used to DF OTHR by the hammer & chisel method, taking bearings with directional antennas where possible whilst traveling. Here's an example of when I was able to confirm what we had been hearing on 15m was indeed JORN.

    73, Brett/p.
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