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UTC time indication using direct Ethernet connection

In the process of trying to find the source and clean up of various interference signals I am currently using a direct connection from the Kiwi Ethernet port to a laptop as a baseline configuration. This cuts out any routers and switches.

With 11 satellites being tracked and usable I was expecting to see the GPS UTC time appear in the right hand top corner of the screen and perhaps default to computer host time in absence of GPS signals. What is shown however is a random time offset.

Use of the WSPR extension is most impacted. I tried Kiwi resets and different start up sequences but to no avail. Perhaps someone has already found a solution for this time mismatch.

Ben, SWLOI33


  • Ben,
    here is a screen grab of my KiwiSDR time report:
    Is this one different from yours in respect to UTC and Local Time? I mean what is happening with your time display? Will you post a screen grab of it?
    Ron - KA7U

  • Hi Ron,

    A screenshot below. My laptop time is at UTC as shown in RH bottom corner. With the direct Ethernet connection the UTC time on the Kiwi browser time is nowhere near. When connecting the Kiwi via a (wireless) router to the internet all is fine.

    Makes me wonder if the time indicated on the Kiwi page and the WSPR extension is really GPS derived time as I assumed all along. Perhaps my misinterpretation.

  • To determine your local time the Kiwi needs to know your timezone (UTC offset). It gets this by taking the lat/lon location of your Kiwi and asking a public location-to-timezone service (on the Internet) what the offset is. It tries three different service providers. If it is unable to contact such a service the offset will be unknown and the local time will appear as shown above ("? Local", "Location needed for local time").

    The lat/lon position comes from three possible sources: the received GPS position, manually entered position in the fields or response from the lookup to determine your public ip address. So the code tries very hard to determine your Kiwi's lat/lon by using these 3 potential sources.

    So, we need to see the Kiwi log and find out why it is unable to get a response from the timezone service (e.g. network problems etc.) or if there is some other problem.
  • Hi John,

    Indeed in the log are error messages about the time zone and I understand that way one can not expect local time:

    Tue Dec 4 19:28:33 15:10:56.008 0... TIMEZONE: lat/lon from config: (my latlon)
    Tue Dec 4 19:29:13 15:11:36.768 0... TIMEZONE: curl error

    For me that is not an issue The thing that got my attention is the UTC shown as I would expect that to be GPS derived as mentioned above. In the direct Ethernet set-up the only thing that is connected to internet is the laptop itself when in range of a WiFi router. Actually I tried to have a look what time that WiFi router is using. but it will need some work since I lost its password.

    73, Ben.
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