Security issue?

I find that the security with password for some of the 4 channels don't work well.
No- for a test - I put "none" number of channels. I'm not asked for password on first channel. But if I try an other browser for next login it ask for password. Not on a new windows in same browser. But that I have experienced can vary from time to time. Some time it ask for pw, some time not. Strange!

I normally run 2 , so the first 2 channels is not asked, but still I can join inn on a channel 3 and 4 without password...???
I'm logging in from remote as all other users, not on local network.
Is this know? Or how is it supposed to work?

And I would come with an suggestion. Could it be possible to login with PW, even as first used channel?
Then I use it without occupying the open channels.?

Mvh Stig


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