Safari 12 breaks audio/waterfall -- "click to start" overlay mode added starting with v1.231

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It seems the recent Safari 12.0 release available for OS X Sierra/High Sierra implements "auto-play" mode just like Chrome did a few months back. Starting with Kiwi software v1.231 the "click to start OpenWebRX" overlay will appear just as it does for Chrome and Safari on iOS. Safari earlier than 12.0 is unchanged.

To avoid getting the "click to start" overlay for a particular Kiwi proceed as follows: When you're viewing a Kiwi site use the Safari dropdown menu and select "settings for this website". If auto-play says "stop media with sound" then change it to say "allow all auto-play" and reload the page. If you're willing to give up the auto-play feature for all websites then open Safari preferences and set "allow all auto-play" in the Websites tab.


  • It's not just the waterfall - I cannot get any audio either with the new version. I am getting an error in the "Stats" view:

    The error ("audio overrun") comes and goes about every second (or maybe a little less), and there is no audio output. If there is anything I can help you with to debug this, please let me know. I follow instructions very well :)
  • I changed the title and first post of this topic to reflect that v1.231 now shows a "click to start OpenWebRX" overlay just like Chrome to solve this problem. Safari versions earlier than 12.0 are unchanged.
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