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Hi John,

Some observations & suggestions based on use.

Could all the green known reference location markers be shown by default on the TDoA results maps rather than just one selected marker. Very often if I'm trying to see if the results are anywhere near a known location, I have to go back to the TDoA map and then select another reference station before swapping back to the results map to see if the new selection is any closer. It would be much better if they were all shown rather, than having to second guess which one to display. The existing reference locations tick boxes could still be used to disable them if the are not required. The display would then be more consistent when switching between maps.

Could the map limits and zooms be linked so that any change to the current map is carried ever to the other maps. I quite frequently zoom or move the results map and then forget to change the KiWi TDoA selection map before I press submit. I only discover this when the results come back and the map is not centered where I expected it to be. This happens less now that the re-submit option is available, but it still occasionally catches me out. Also when the KiWI map and results maps are at different zoom and center positions, it makes it more difficult to judge which KiWi's to try next in order to narrow down the location.

Also if a KiWi that was used to obtain the results map becomes unavailable for a period (all channels in use of no GPS) it seems to disappear from the results map. This can make it difficult to decide which KiWi's to use for the next run if the original stations are no longer shown on the map. Could the original KiWi's used remain shown on the results map ? Could KiWi's that can be used for TDoA but which are not currently available perhaps be shown greyed out rather than not being shown at all ? This would allow them to still be selected (and saved in a stored URL string) for later use when they become available again. It would also facilitate (as previously suggested) a TDoA to be setup and automatically run once all the selected KiWi's become available for use.

Sometimes it's difficult to see the 'most likely position' location marker on the results map if the plots are very clean and there is no visible heatmap. In some cases the marker can be hidden by a green reference location marker. Maybe some radial distance rings could be added (as a map option) to the most likely position marker ? This would help to highlight the marker position and also quickly show how far off the TDoA plot was from a known location.

One (final) minor point, and I'm probably being too picky. But I'm not sure about the 'Submit' and 'Rerun' button titles. Maybe something like 'Sample' / 'Capture' / 'Acquire' and 'Repeat' / 'Redraw' / 'Refresh' would perhaps be more descriptive ?


Martin - G8JNJ


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