TDoA miniature waterfall

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Hi John,

In areas with sparse Kiwi presence like Asia often we have to wait until certain Kiwis become available and by that time the reception may have degraded drastically or some interference has shown up.

So I wonder if a miniature waterfall audio FFT for the selected kiwis is feasible just to monitor the signal and confirm it is (still) there at the remote Kiwi. Suggested location for this is the current Kiwi id box of the TDoA extension.

I guess a question like this was to be expected since you already "spoiled" us with the audio bandwidth FFT for the 2/6 configuration, hi...
Of course this belongs to the category "nice to have" and the TDoA extension works fine without such an addition.

Best regards, Ben.


  • Interesting idea. Remember that you can always double-click on the sampling station marker (blue) to open a regular Kiwi connection window in a new tab/window for monitoring. But having a little "snapshot" button on each line of the sampling station list that shows a short waterfall is a neat idea.
    I'll look into it.
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