Dead bit of the waterfall? [fixed in v1.222]

edited September 2018 in Problems Now Fixed
I'm not sure if I am missing something here (as I have previously mentioned unintentionally moving frequency on a tablet).
On the current software version I had some issue changing frequency on the desktop by clicking on the waterfall, it seemed a bit hit and miss. I initially put this down to an overly light mouse maybe moving during clicks so I turned to my tablet to test that.
On my tablet (not current Android) it has a repeatable dead area on the waterfall as highlighted in red in the image, also while clicking around on the desktop waterfall I managed to select a section of the waterfall I have not before - some overlay?

The desktop issue may just be my mouse as it seems hard to recreate reliably but the tablet thing in vertical mode exists.


  • Yes, this is an actual bug. I had an email about it earlier today and have a fix that should go out in tomorrow's update.

    The area you've identified turns out to be exactly the transparent box that the audio FFT explanation text appears in. I forgot to enable mouse events for the box (HTML div actually) so that's why you get the dead zone.
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