Do not show up on TDOA list

I think I have setup my Kiwi correctly to support TDOA. However I never show up on the map. Is there something special that needs to be done to show up on the map?

Jim - wa6our


  • Very interesting. All of a sudden I show up. 1/2 and hour ago I wasn't there.

    Very strange.

    Jim - wa6our
  • And now I am off the map again. I was running a test and it complained of that I wasn't getting GPS fixes. Yet I am constantly getting good GPS fixes.

    Not sure where to look.

    Jim - wa6our
  • Looks like I am not getting enough "GPS Fixes per Minute" to qualify. My GPS fixes per minute is low. I guess I need a way to extend my GPS antenna up higher so I get man more fixes per minute.

    Jim - wa6our
  • jksjks
    edited September 2018
    Hi Jim,

    Take a look at The parameter "fixes_min" is what the TDoA extension is looking at (it's currently zero). You've had 10k fixes over an uptime of 86700 secs (a little over 1 day). But the "fixes_hr" parameter currently says 55, so that's not so great. Probably your antenna doesn't have a large enough view of the sky and there are times where there are no fixes at all due to < 4 good sats in view (the parameter "gps_good" is the number of sats considered good enough to provide a fix -- it's currently only 2).
  • I have acquired a longer cable and plan on moving the GPS antenna higher up on my house. Hopefully it will get a 180 degree view of the sky.
  • Placed the antenna in the front yard and it is now showing around 25 fixes per minute. What a difference 20 feet can make. Plans now are to put it on the roof of the house to get an even better view.
  • Mine are super low .. I'm in the middle of the house and cable isn't long enough to makeit outside... but I do get a couple sats inside..
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