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Admin page stuck at "Still determining local interface address."

I am a proud new owner of a KiwiSDR, and am quite pleased with it. I have been able to connect to and interact with the radio via http, so no issues there. I find that when I try to access the admin page at "http://192.168.1.XXX:8073/admin", I perpetually receive the message that the device is "Still determining local interface address.", and that I should refresh the page in a few minutes. This has now been going on for hours with no sign of progress. Note I have not yet opened it up to public access.

Any suggestions on what I am missing here?



  • jksjks
    edited September 2018
    Power cycle the Kiwi and see what happens. It will take roughly 45 seconds after power up before responding to a connection attempt.
    That message should only persist for a few seconds unless something is wrong.
  • Have you done anything besides plugging in a regular Ethernet cable to the Beagle RJ45 jack? Like using an Ethernet-to-WiFi bridge, WiFi USB dongle or configured a virtual network interface on the Beagle? Do you know if your local LAN is a mixed ipv4/ipv6 network?
  • jksjks
    edited September 2018
    If you continue to get the message, and you know how to Login to the Beagle using the Linux ssh command (or Windows PuTTY etc.), then there are some log messages you could check that would probably explain what is going on.
  • @jks - excellent diagnostic tips. Thank you.

    Usually power cycling a piece of IT fixes everything. In this case, I had to do the update and restart procedure documented in the quickstart guide to break whatever the logjam was. All is well.
  • This problem has occurred a few times in the past and that is why there are still a bunch of diagnostic log messages in place. Past occurrences have lead to the development of code to handle mixed ipv4/ipv6 networks, virtual interface support and a few other unexpected things people were doing. So I'm always interested in what the underlying cause is.

    If the Kiwi didn't see the Internet from your local network (for whatever reason) it's possible it didn't immediately do an update and so was stuck on version v1.2 (yes, two!) that the Seeed factory ships by default. v1.2 doesn't have the recent local network detection improvements.

    Yes, I should probably get Seeed to use a more recent version. But I really don't want to upset what they're currently doing. So far their manufacturing has been mostly trouble free (we've had problems with the Beagle but not the Kiwi itself).
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