"F1JEK/P" Kiwi back in the dance

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My Kiwi which is still the only one in France actually available for TDOA (what a pity) was out since 15 of august.

Time for me to turn back from holidays, to get some spare parts at home and go where it is located (not in my house), the Kiwi was back on line: Due to the high temperatures we have experienced this summer in France, moreover in the attic, the linear supply has failed.

The new one outputs only 4.7V but it seems to be enough for the Kiwi.

Sorry for the convenience. Play again.



  • Hi J-Luc,

    Welcome back, you have been missed as your location is very good for TDoA because there are few other KiWi's out to the South West of Europe.

    I'm surprised there are so few in France.

    There is also CX006SWL javaradiofrance.ddns.net:8073 but the antenna is very poor and it's full of interference, which is a pity.


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • Thanks a lot.
    Tell me please when you have an access issue, I do not talk to my Kiwi everyday.


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