Always same area in Mexico

I try to locate signals and it always throws them into one specific location (image included). I try to broaden my scope and I try to pick about 5-6 people in a circle around me going further and further out. But for the majority of signals I get this

Any ideas?


  • Are you trying to DF NLM4? If so, make sure your IQ passband is cranked down to 200 Hz or a bit less so other signals are not taken into account. Use the 'p' and 'P' keys to adjust the passband width.
  • It takes a bit of practice and a basic understanding of propagation on different frequencies before you start getting good TDoA results.

    Try some of the lower frequency known signals first to gain some experience.

    Nils posting is a good read too


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • Thanks no I didn't use that. It seems to show up all the time. I did turn down the bandpass and really expanded my range to try this time. I'm trying to locate the origin of t hat signal on the other thread.
  • narrowing bandpass did help at least I'm getting different results. I'm wondering if the mexico coord is basically the default for "I dont know".

    Trying to narrow down that one signal. Now its near Hawaii
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