Central server not getting to me

I used to see quite a lot of TDoA requests but right now see virtually none.
I have tried to use my own server as part of a test and it always gets "not responding", I've double checked the port forward and tested from other addresses, rebooted, changed back to four channel setup, change the TDoA channels for use etc. (not in that order)
Sniffing the traffic at the public port of my router I filtered to looking for connections to port 8073, during normal traffic, and TDoA use, I see lots of connections during normal use NOTHING for TDoA, it's like the server cannot make the path to the UK or is firewalled between US-UK.
Anyone else seeing this?



  • just tried your station via TDoA at 10:49Z, seems OK
  • OK thanks, that is weird, saw a couple of fleeting connections previously but no actual successful tests.
    Will try it from a remote PC again see if it works now.
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