GPS fixes diminish [fixed in v1.218]

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Discussed in another thread..... noted by John some time ago
The number of GPS fixes diminish over time. It may be worse with the new GPS "all sats" change.
Reboot of kiwi server cures.


  • If you are running anything that keeps connections open for long periods of time then make sure the "always acquire" switch is set to "yes" on the admin GPS page. This includes WSPR auto-run, external WSPR scripts making connections via kiwirecorder, repeated TDoA connections etc.

    Even with this switch set to yes there may be bugs that prevent the GPS acquisition process from running properly over time. This is what causes the GPS sat count to slowly go down as sats drift out-of-range and drop. It has nothing to do with the recent "all channels" change.
  • OK, I am seeing on the public one that gets 50% duty cycle at most. My 99+% private kiwirecorder/wspr not so.
  • Ive noticed this tonight, the sat count has been dropping off over the last couple of days. I was down to 4, and a restart picked that back to 11. IMO it's probably worth a restart every few days, not an issue if SW is dropping frequently. I see in admin we have an option to complete a daily restart, guess this could be switch on if you felt the need.
  • I have the same problem. The number of GPS fixes diminish over time. The RSSi goes down on all channels to zero. It is not nice for TDoA. I reset the KiwiServer. 11 or 12 Channels are online after the reset. I must repeat 4-6 times at day.
  • I Just saw that. The RSSI Bar is Down to Zero. 11Sats Tracking 7Good. The Sync is there too. See Photo.
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    Possibly fixed in today's v1.218 update. Please give it a try since it takes a while for this problem to manifest itself.
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    What puzzles me is that if this is indeed the bug it is quite simple and has been there for a long, long time. I don't understand why the effect appears to be so much worse recently. It shouldn't have been influenced much by the recent Galileo-on-all-channels change. Well, let's see what happens..
  • Could it be that TDoA has focussed peopled attention on GPS fixes, this has further highlighted the issue. I never paid much attention to GPS before TDoA, now I check it every morning :-)
  • Possibly. Since my GPS reception here is so bad I've been using one of the Kiwi beta test sites as a reference. When I first looked at it it had only one sat locked and was only attempting to acquire two others (ignoring the rest, which is the bug essentially). It had been up 14 days at that point. It has been running 17 hours now and looks good but I think many days of run time are required to say if the bug is fixed or not.
  • Checking back after 38 Hrs and I'm still showing 12 stats. Early indications look good.
  • Recent changes appear very good.... 11 of 12 on 2 kiwi after 30+ hours
  • I see the same. Let's go a few more days and then I think we can call this one solved.
  • The last changes are very good . I did not have any problems anymore.
  • I think it's fixed too. I was averaging three to four good sats, but now it's typically seven or more.

    Maybe less frequent version releases (and associated restarts) have also helped to reveal the problem ? As previously there was a new release almost every day.


    Martin - G8JNJ
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