URL tuning parameters dont work on lab [fixed in v1.217]

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Hello. Tried for the first time to start my Kiwi with url parameters for frequency, bandwith (hi/lo) and mode yesterday.
After upgrade to 1.216.
Like this, don't work: http://lb5va.myddns.me:8073/?f=3702/3000,50lsb
If I use USB (and turn round the 50/3000) it works fine. Problem with LSB I only get the default bandwidth, 300-2700.
I guess it is correct to set low first witch in LSB is 3000. If I switch around it kind of works, but I get an usb passband instead.
This was tested only with version 1.216.
Thanks., lb5va, Stig


  • Hi Stig,

    At first I thought it bay just have been something simple like having to specify minus values for the frequency limits, as the are below the carrier frequency when using LSB.

    For example if you type 7255/-2600,-300 directly into the frequency entry box it works OK.

    Example taken from these release notes, and the entry for v1.208 July 21, 2018


    But I think you are correct, there does seem to be some sort of bug when specifying lsb or when trying USB with reversed values in the URL string.


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • jksjks
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    Yes, appears to be broken. Can't fix until I get home next week.
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