1.215 builds, runs but can't connect [fixed in v1.126]

edited August 2018 in Problems Now Fixed
Happens on both my kiwis, local connects


  • Bad update. Login to Kiwi. "cdp", "up" Wait.

    Why aren't you letting your Kiwi update automatically in the 0200-0600Z window? You'd save yourself a lot of grief if you did (unless you rebooted for unrelated reasons which is one way you'd get an update early).
  • I had rebooted the BBG systems via power on/off while chasing my FM RFI issue
  • Yep mine is pinging but can't get in via web. So I could get into it via ssh and that seemed to fix it.
  • Same problem again today. Needed to make clean to get it to run.
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