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Tablet use "Frequency lock"

I was using a 7" tablet to look at the full hf spectrum and listening to one frequency with headphones while playing with antenna earths in the garden.
One thing I kept doing was changing the frequency depending on how I picked up, or accidentally brushed, the tablet. I know this is probably not a common request but I would have loved a "Frequency lock" button.

Almost related, when in PC + Mouse "full screen" mode (one of dual screens) where is the safest spot to click to bring focus back to the browser, without changing frequency?
I know I can hit part of the menus (if out) but wondered if there was some safe "do nothing" landing spot for a cursor in the browser full screen, full HF span, mode?


  • What I do is open the KiwiSDR in a browser instance, by itself, and then minimize it. It continues to play and I can use another browser instance to follow directions or other browser activity.
  • -Tuning lock OK sorry about requesting something already listed, I did search the posts but not the bug list.

    1. Being awkward I normally have the spectrum up (80% of the time)
    2. If I hide the menus it goes down to option 3 only
    3. scroll bar (the control bar if that is the same thing)

    I suppose I could just control click with the keyboard and mouse but it still would be awkward with mouse alone.
    Could the "right click" on the waterfall have a top bar or a dismiss button?, then it would be two clicks but better than desperately trying to get the browser focus in order to hit record and in doing so change the frequency from that once in a lifetime capture (exaggeration me! never).
  • Oh and Ron thanks, my use case is fairly narrow and includes profanity due to noise so I flick over to the browser (full screen for clean captures) see the herringbone interference pattern, mutter something and go back my other software it's often muted just watching for changes, if you want to know why it's muted connect now go to around 7MHz and AM.
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