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Has anybody given any thought as to how to set up to receive that this coming week?


  • I think it will be OK to use USB as is the normal case.

    They will use DSB AM but it should resolve OK as USB, or AM, but not LSB as the tones will be 'mirrored' around the carrier frequency.


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • WI2XFX 100mW, correction WI2XFX 100dBm.

    Renamed for a day WtfSPR.
    Hold on to your front ends, sending now.

    Thanks for the link.
  • I didn't see it where I am at. But I tuned into a WSPR channel in San Fran and recorded this. Not sure if that is Haarp or not but its broadcasts were at the same times.
  • They were heard on 40M last night at 00:04-08 UTC
  • Also follow the guy on Twitter he's pretty cool. We need more public experiments like this. The more data they share the better!
  • @Lonecrow

    Sorry to say that your recording doesn't sound like WSPR. It normally sounds like a CW carrier with a very slight 'warble' with each transmission lasting for just under 2 minutes.

    I don't think anyone heard them on 80m last night, but there ware a few spots on 40m, mainly down the West coast of the USA.

    It was a bit disappointing (IMHO) as I'd have thought with that power level they would have done much better.


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • Yeah he said the conditions were not good there. More testing tonight.
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