KiWi online SDR Coimbatore [Kiwi owner contacted]

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I thank the people behind KiWi online SDR Coimbatore.
But, more often, this online SDR is not online. Kindly ensure that the SDR is online always. It gives an opportunity for Dxers like me to see the propagation conditions in the area.


  • jksjks
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    That Kiwi does seem to go up-and-down a lot. The owner may not be reading this forum. To send them an email (assuming the Kiwi is online) select the "stats" tab on the control panel at lower right. Then click on the link where it says "Contacts: Owner/Admin". That should bring up your email program with the "To:" field filled-out.
  • Yes. Some indecipherable e mail address is coming. Okay. I shall try again when SDR Coimbatore is online. Thank you.
  • jks! Today Combatore SDR was up and available. So I took the opportunity to see their e mail and sent it to them informing that their SDR is more often not available. Hope, it will come online continuously, duly sorting out whatever problems they are facing.
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