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KiWi SDR Delhi [ bug: max slots always 4, now fixed]

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I thank the people behind KiWi SDR Delhi for providing an online SDR in India.
There is one problem faced. All online KiWi SDRs have a maximum number users as 4. However, Delhi SDR is not allowing 3 user. When I find there are 2 users and I try to click it message comes maximum number reached. Please look into the matter.


  • jksjks
    edited July 2018
    That Kiwi is part of the TWR monitoring network (TWR is a commercial shortwave broadcasting service). We are lucky they allow any public access at all. They also have public-access Kiwis in the Caribbean and South America. They need to reserve channels on the Kiwi for access by their monitoring software.
  • Yes, I observed that and I sent a mail to them also getting the contact details from their web site. My Point is when they host their SDR on KIWI SDR, they should go by the rules of the hosting website. Accordingly, they should allow maximum 4 users instead of limiting it to 2 users.
  • jksjks
    edited July 2018
    I'm not sure what you mean by "the rules of the hosting website". We are completely indebted to those Kiwi owners who have chosen to make their SDRs publicly available. Often at considerable difficulty and expense. There are no specific requirements to be listed on or the other websites concerning availability or configuration. We have implemented many features in the software, mostly at their request, to allow limitations in how their Kiwi is used by the public (e.g. number of available channels, inactivity timeouts and connect time limits).

    Only about 10% of the Kiwis sold are publicly listed currently. Unpublished Kiwis are available over the Internet to those who have the URL and password (we know of radio clubs and special interests groups that do this). New features such as the recent TDoA capability depend on a large and geographically diverse set of SDRs. Growth outside Europe and North America is starting to accelerate and we sincerely hope the trend continues. Every public Kiwi is valuable, despite what you might think, because of variations in antenna, local noise and GPS performance. We encourage everyone to participate if they can.
  • "...despite what you might think..." Please be assured I think well of all online SDRs including Delhi SDR. I find it odd that while all SDRs (available from site) are accepting upto 4 users at a time, Delhi SDR is accepting maximum 2 users only. That is the issue. I hope I made myself clear.
  • jksjks
    edited July 2018
    Well, now that I actually look at there seems to be a new bug. All the Kiwis listed there say "N/4 users". But that is incorrect. They should not all show 4 channels available. The map at shows the correct available channel count when you mouse over the map marker. For example Delhi right now is showing "Users: 2/2" and the marker is yellow instead of red because there are no available channels. and also show the correct counts. I'll have to email the guy who runs and see what the problem is.
  • probably has those 4 users hardcoded, rather than drawn from users_max in /status. linkfanel himself patched KiwiSDR a year and a half ago to advertise public slots only:
  • It's been a long time, but I have this memory that initially only accepted the "users=N" /status parameter to indicate how many channels were in use. Then Andras agreed to also parse a "users_max=N" parameter to accommodate the 4 channel limitation of the Kiwi (OpenWebRX itself didn't have such a limitation). And then after I had added the "number of channels not requiring a password even if password is set" option linkfanel submitted the patch to limit users_max to only non-password protected channels.

    Has always shown 4 channels for every Kiwi? I just can't remember..
  • I guess it has. This snapshot from July 2017 shows every kiwi at 4 users, but I'm certain there were kiwis with password-restricted slots back then already:
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