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Best Stations for TDoA

If you find a good station to use, one that consistently hears stuff and has good GPS, please list it here!


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    Playing TDoA golf. WA2ZKD, W1EUJ and K1RA on WCBS gets me about 4 miles away from the transmitter, on the GW Bridge.

    Edit: Yes - WA2ZKD. The Linchpin on Lake Ontario.
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    Linchpin! :o
  • I just got WCBS within 2 miles! I keep trying for CHU at 3330 but find that there is a lack of good stations with prop to there
  • @W1EUJ after trying to use stations in the Northeast, I get a better appreciation of your linchpin comment!
  • I spent time trying to triangulate on Harrold E. Holt - NWC, on 19.8KHz. This station is often heard on my KiwiSDRs, both the active loop and 210' top dipole. I could not find U.S. stations with a decent signal and so I attempted to use a station in Australia and another in New Zealand. The attempt failed with a complaint about crossing longitude 180. So I setup with just the other 2 stations and dropped my kiwiSDR from the list. Then it worked, but not with sufficient stations to locate specifically. Must be a bug in the system, or is there a distance limit to a receiver?
    Ron - KA7U
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    Until the 180 degree meridian bug is fixed position your Kiwi map so the 180 meridian (longitude) line is off the right side of the map. That line it located slightly to the right of New Zealand. It doesn't matter if your Kiwi doesn't show in the map after it has been selected.
  • Wa2ZKD Yes the link given by you is good. All the SDRs can be sorted countrywise also. This will helps us when we want to see the different propogation conditons in different continents. At present I find the propagation conditions are excellent in Europe as I observe by accessing the SDR in Leiden, Netherlands and another SDR in Italy.
  • My "linchpin" station is no longer listed due to some GPS or ? foible
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