Kiwi proxy service degraded by TDoA? Please let us know

edited July 2018 in TDoA topics
The TDoA service currently runs on the same server that hosts the website and proxy service. Looking at the graph below this server had plenty of available CPU cycles. So placing the TDoA service there seemed like a reasonable choice.

However, if anyone clearly notes the proxy service becoming degraded please let us know.

[The hosting costs of this server are paid out of the profits from selling Kiwis. And the New Zealand Department of Conservation does not approve! lol]




  • Hi John.
    How many CPU Cores do you have in linode3535501?
    Or is it time to find a sponsor in Europe with a 24 - 32 core node in a datacenter :-)
  • The server is a VPS, so I'm not exactly sure what its capabilities are. I was more concerned about the price/month versus bandwidth cap at the time I got it.
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