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kiwiclient kiwirecorder etc

Seems like a useful set of utils but I think that the documentation is a bit sparse for the non computer types!


  • Hi @WA2ZKD,

    For sure the documentation can be improved. But for this you would need to be more specific: what exactly is for you/the user you imagine not clear/missing/etc.?

  • Kiwi users seem to range from pure radio people to radio/computer people, I'm somewhere in the middle, There's a few things that didn't jump out at me when I few looked through the files that the more radio-only people might struggle with:

    1 - what platforms it would run on
    2 - what does installation involve
    3 - do you need to compile anything
    4 - what other software do you have to install
  • I've had success with recording the audio from a remote site using and was happy with the results. I then tried my hand at an I/Q recording and while I think it worked I have no idea how to 'replay' the recorded file! Is there a way to do this or tool that will replay? Just to point out, I did extend the HI and LO ranges of the bandwidth but choosing GQRx to replay the file didn't achieve a good outcome. Ideas?
  • If you used the '-w' or the '--kiwi-wav' option then there are custom wav chunks with gnss time stamps in the recorded file. If the software you are using is not ignoring them this might explain what you observe.

    Does your IQ wav file play on you computer on the soundcard?
  • jksjks
    edited June 2018
    In IQ mode you should get a stereo (2 channel L+R) .wav file. On my Mac I can play this file same as any other .wav file. It sounds just like IQ mode from the Kiwi interface: DSB with the added "phasing" effect from IQ mode. Adding GPS timestamps to the file seemed to confuse my playback software. It played for a fraction of a second and then stopped (probably when it got to the first GPS chunk).

    I don't know about GQRx but people have used kiwirecorder IQ .wav files with other programs with no problems, and also streaming IQ output from a Kiwi browser session via a virtual-audio-cable to some other program.
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