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Simultaneous local and autostart WSPR fails [can't seem to reproduce]

edited June 2018 in Problems Now Fixed
It appears that if one or more autostart WSPR sessions are running that adding another WSPR from the user interfaces fails after the first decode. The waterfall stops progressing and no more signals are decoded. The pre-existing autostart sessions do seem to continue OK.
Can anyone else confirm this?
Glenn n6gn


  • jksjks
    edited May 2018
    I tried it on a couple different Kiwis and didn't have any problems. I tried a UI session duplicating a band already in autorun mode and also on a different band. I tried multiple autoruns and UIs in different combinations. All continued to run and accumulate new spots.

    What happens when you run 4 UI sessions, and no autoruns, on that Kiwi? Is this just a generic problem with the connection?
  • Now it is no longer doing it for me. I've only seen it when the new session is local. When I access remote kiwis there's no problem. Now local sessions are working OK. I can't explain it, I'm not aware of any changes.
    If it shows up again I'll try multiple UI's and other combinations.

    Glenn n6gn
  • I run one kiwi with four autorun sessions and another with 1 autorun, external "guests" and frequent local visits by me. Have not seen any issues
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