Kiwi SDR Stopped Communicating with LAN [likely the known BBG Ethernet failure issue]

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I purchased my KiwiSDR/Beaglebone on April 19 from Amazon, set it up about a week later, it ran fine from April 26 to May 14, then would not connect to LAN.
Since I am frequently away from home for extended periods, I was unable to do anything until Friday May 18. when I got it going by doing a power down/power up reboot. (worked fine over local LAN and remotely over the internet.
However, two days later (Sunday May 20) I left again for an extended period and the KiwiSDR stopped responding over the internet. Other devices connected to the same router and switch respond normally.
The problem is that I will I will not be back home until June 10 or 11, I imagine that in my absence I have burned through any available warranty time.



  • Are you not getting the yellow/green LEDs on the Kiwi Beagle Ethernet RJ45 connector? (or are they intermittent etc.) If so this is the known Beagle defect problem and Seeed will send you a new Beagle independent of the warranty period. Please email If you have any problems dealing with them I will ship you one myself.
  • Thank you!
    At the moment I can not see the ethernet LEDs as I am 200kM away, but I should know by mid June
  • Hi,
    I just ordered a second KiwiSDR from Massdrop, I liked it so much that I wanted a spare!
  • My KiwiSDR also stopped communicating with the LAN sometime yesterday, 23 May. No lights on the Ethernet port but the watchdog led is blinking fine. It has been working for a year. Not very happy:( I will contact Seeed about repair.
    Steve KD2OM
  • This afternoon, I replaced the bbg with a beaglebone black I had lying around, now back on the air. Contacted Seeed but haven't heard from them yet so ordered another green from Mouser.
    Steve KD2OM
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