v1.188: switching compilers from gcc to clang

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Today's update switches compilers from gcc to clang. This means in the future update builds will run about twice as fast.

But today's build will take some time as the new compiler is downloaded and installed. Total update/build time will be approximately 15 minutes.
It is extremely important that you do not interrupt this process and potentially leave your Kiwi in a partially updated state unable to run or update further (i.e. "bricked").



  • I have tried a couple of time to force the upgrade but it fails.
    Tue May  1 10:37:54 10:02:49.255 ....      UPDATE: force update check by admin
    Tue May  1 10:37:54 10:02:49.259 ....      UPDATE: checking for updates
    Tue May  1 10:37:56 10:02:51.280 ....      UPDATE: version changed (current 1.187, new 1.188), but check only
    Tue May  1 10:37:56 10:02:51.283 ....      task update_task:P2:T03((1000.000 msec) TaskSleep) exited by returning
    Tue May  1 10:38:06 10:03:00.862 ....      UPDATE: force build by admin
    Tue May  1 10:38:06 10:03:00.865 ....      UPDATE: checking for updates
    Tue May  1 10:38:07 10:03:01.884 ....      UPDATE: version changed (forced), current 1.187, new 1.188
    Tue May  1 10:38:07 10:03:01.887 ....      UPDATE: building new version..
    Tue May  1 10:38:07 10:03:01.889 ....      rx_server_user_kick rx=-1
    Tue May  1 10:38:12 10:03:06.897 ....      LRUN update_task:P2:T03((1000.000 msec) TaskSleep) (1000.000 msec) TaskSleep 5013.277
    Tue May  1 10:38:52 10:03:46.862 ....      UPDATE: build error, no Internet access? status=0x00000200 WIFEXITED=1 WEXITSTATUS=2
    Tue May  1 10:38:52 10:03:46.865 ....      task update_task:P2:T03((1000.000 msec) TaskSleep) exited by returning

    This is the clip from the log.

    Any idea? It says no Internet access, but I am sure I have it as users have been logging on.

    Steve KD2OM
  • Hi Steve. So this turns out to be a compatibility problem between clang and the antenna switch extension. I thought I had checked this but I see now why my check was in error. Anyway, I fixed your Kiwi manually and will develop an update to fix it for everyone else. Thanks for the report.

  • Thanks John.
  • Okay, v1.189 is out with a fix for this problem.

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