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Software update in progress [not a problem]

edited May 2018 in Problems Now Fixed
Checked my SDR today and had this message in the browser. "Sorry software update....check back in a few minutes"

Seems like something inst correct, its been like this for some time?

Any suggestions, have you seen this before.

Ta Dave




  • OK took some time, but seemed to resolve itself.
  • there were a number of quick updates last week so your running into this is no surprise. If you had logged into your admin page, you would have got more info.
  • I did try and log into the admin page, but it wouldn't let me. I think its the definition of a few minutes, mine took around 10 so I wasn't sure if it had failed. Looks good now TA

  • the builds are getting longer to do. 
  • Faster rebuilds coming soon. We are switching compilers from gcc to clang.

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