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Unit appears to boot and then amost immediately shut down [don't install sd card for normal op]

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Brand new unit, arrived this morning s/n 3172.
When I power up the 4 LEDs eventually begin cycling left to right and back which I assume is the unit booting. Eventually the 4 LEDs stop cycling and stay on but about 10 seconds after that all LEDs go out including the one between the USB A connector and the RJ-45 as well as the LEDs on the RJ-45.
Checking voltages, 5V measures 0.7V, 5VE measures 5.1V and 3.3 measures 0.0V, while booting same points measure 4.91V, 4.97V and 3.41V respectively. Just as the LEDs stop cycling I can see kiwisdr appear briefly on the list of connected devices on my router but it disappears again as the LEDs go out.

I've tried with two PSUs, same results, one a 3A rated wall wart style, the other my main bench supply - that is capable of 40A.

Any ideas / suggestions ?


Jeff ZL2JG


  • Don't install the micro SD card. A BeagleBone is not like an R Pi. What you're doing is re-flashing the Beagle's onboard eMMC from the SD. It powers down when that process is complete. The printed instructions and our online documentation explain this. The software is pre-installed on the Beagle. Just plug it in and away you should go..

  • Doh, I saw the photo on the quick start guide that showed the SD card being inserted so assumed that it needed to be permanently fitted. Thanks for the fast reply. All good now.

  • Yes, and because of that I have released a second version of the paper instructions that are a little more clear on that point. But it will take some time to trickle into distribution.

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