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Backup Stalls [bad sd card]

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Version 174

Trying to make a backup. Using the supplied card.

The first 3 minutes seems ok, the progressbar counts up but when
reaching 95% at about 3 and a half minutes the KIWI-backup stalls at 95% and
the counter start to behave:
it flips to 4 minutes ok but when to flip to 5 it restarts at 4 minutes
and the 5 minute-digit does not flip until second 30, and it repeats
not flipping minute 6 until 5:30 and so forth.
The backup never finishes.

Any suggestions ?

73:s de Kenneth / SM0OHC


  • Try a different card.

  • jksjks
    edited March 2018
    Sorry, I made the above comment quickly before I had to leave yesterday. But I was serious. Just try another card and see if it works. Any card of at least 2GB in size will do.

    These sd cards are notoriously unreliable. I know it's the sd card that came with the Kiwi, so it should have been successfully written by the Seeed factory. But I'm not exactly sure what their duplication process is or how carefully they check each sd card they ship.

    Write speeds vary between cards, so the Kiwi backup uses a time estimate when computing the progress bar percentage. If the write stalls due to a bad card the progress bar will hang at 95%. If the write process returns an error, as opposed to causing a stall, you should get a proper error message. There might be a clue in the status window messages. But stalling is a common symptom of a bad card.

    I don't understand what you're describing with the times jumping around. I haven't seen that before. But it might be a bug as a consequence of a write stall. I could simulate a hang in software I guess and see what happens. But there a so many other pressing problems at the moment..

  • Thank you for your reply.

    I will try to find another card.
    I ´m using a w-dows computer at the moment
    and the card doesn´t reformat under fat either so you are right.

    73:s / K.
  • Hi Kenneth,

    I've also had similar problems in the past.

    If you still have problems when you try using a new card, check your power supply.

    The Beagle seems to need to draw a higher peak current when writing to the card and if your PSU / DC cable is marginal it may prevent the process from working properly.

    It took me a while to figure out what was going on as I thought my PSU was OK. It was only following John's insistence, that I finally swapped it for another, which cured the problem.


    Martin - G8JNJ

  • Thank you for replies and suggestions.
    It was not a psu-problem ( I use a classical series-reg 5V 5Amp with 10000uF ) it was the SD-card.

    73:s de  Kenneth / SM0OHC
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