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External Control [e.g. antenna switch interface]

edited January 2018 in KiwiSDR Discussion
I was looking at the grove stuff but this may be a better solution


  • These look very nice and reasonable price. The DRM software is Java based but the JAR file is compiled, I think. So the GUI appears to be the only interface. I do find Python code to control these boards at a command level on github, but it doesn't look to be full featured or mature. So the software to integrate these devices to the KiwiSDR will need to be written. Any ideas about the interface software?
  • I ordered some stuff, so will know more soon
  • The KiwiSDR server software does not have to be modified to control a device like this. The existing antenna switch extension already has the ability to run per-interface shell scripts which in turn run whatever command level interface software goes along with the device.

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