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  • Flatness of KiwiSDR response < 500 kHz?

    I've done some measurements on the frequency response of the Kiwi below 1 MHz. Using a -53 dBm tone (S9+20) from a calibrated signal generator, I got -53 dB on the S meter down to 50 kHz. It rolled off below that:

    20 kHz: -1 dB

    10 kHz: -3 dB

    5 kHz: -7 dB

  • Feature Request

    I would like to see a variation where it is possible to clone a complete config *except* the IP address. (Is there even a situation where cloning the complete config *including* the IP address is wanted?) BTW I use static IPs.

  • Combining/Diplexing Antennas to Single Kiwi

    I'm using a diplexer to combine a Wellbrook loop with a 27m horizontal terminated folded dipole (TFD). The crossover frequency is about 1.7 MHz. (I found the TFD marginally better on 1.8 MHz.) The TFD has notches for the 4, 6 and 7 MHz broadcast bands. This feeds an Elad ASA16 distribution amplifier which feeds the Kiwis.

    When doing TDoA, I often find that Martin's RX is the only other one in the UK that can hear what I'm hearing. (It's 50/50 which is best.)

    The main factor affecting performance is neighbour QRM which varies enormously.

    I attempted to upload a circuit diagram and a photo, but lost my fight with this forum's software and gave up.

  • Kiwi BBAI software installation instructions [updated 4-Mar-24]

    The BB version seems to be over-riding the Kiwi's network settings at boot and using DHCP regardless of whether it's configured for DHCP or static. If you're using a non-NATted static IP this can be very confusing.

    To get a static IP, it's necessary to use connmanctl:

    Find a filename in /var/lib/connman/ starting with "ethernet", e.g ethernet_01234567890ab_cable, then as root:

    connmanctl config ethernet_01234567890ab_cable --ipv4 manual ip_address netmask gateway_ip

    Then add the IP addresses for a couple of your ISP's nameservers:

    connmanctl config ethernet_01234567890abcdef_cable --nameservers
  • Kiwi BBAI software installation instructions [updated 4-Mar-24]

    I'm attempting to provide cooling for a BBAI in a Seeed case. Without the end plates, two 5V 25mm fans side-by-side works well.

    First, I installed the AI but didn't use star washers next to the board - components are too close for comfort. Instead I used two star washers between the standoffs and the case. I didn't use the nylon standoff at all because there's a chip capacitor very close to the hole.


    Next I stuck two fans to the Kiwi board and connected them to the bottom of the 5v barrel jack. I added a bit of draught excluder to the side of one fan.


    Then connected the Kiwi to the AI.


    Then stuck the lid on. Without anything at the end I held it together with Gaffa tape!


    This arrangement keeps the CPU temperature well below 50° C. With the end plates on, it obstructs the airflow quite badly and is noisy. Next step is to try some sort of mesh grille. After that, I might try some sort of conduction cooling with chunky slabs of copper inside and heatsinks outside.

    Richard G4DYA