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  • Audio queue depth slowly drops to zero, then resets, causing audio underrun - 8 receiver mode

    The extension is simple but there are benefits to using the external decodes, the detection rate is higher by default.
  • wifi on BBG (MT7601)

    Easiest route is probably something like the TP-Link nano routers (E.G. Tl-wr802n), powered from 5V.
    It connects to the Kiwi/BB via ethernet cable.
    That set up is good because it offers more placement options for best WiFi link.
    I have used that one and it was easy to set up as the Kiwi is treated just like any other wired device connected to the nano router.
  • PSU - identify the 34p one

    I'm sure there are many older supplies designed when compliance was "a thing", I've got a few that seem pretty good but I'm keen to find resonable current options for those people without decent "junk" reserves ;-).
    I hadn't tried these tiny PCB's simply as I had assumed the noise would be too intrusive but a comment on here prompted me to look. Linear supplies are getting harder to find more so considering switchers are often listed a "linear" now. In fact I'm getting annoyed with the amount of fake carp on Ebay, can't trust many listings now around power supplies, I still look for older stuff with full traceable approvals.
  • Wide band, vertically interleaved interference

    Eckrot 5G next, 700Mhz, 2.3GHz, 3.5GHz, 26GHz, 60GHz, 100G+ once they get going. I know it shouldn't affect HF but sure as hell it will affect health, industry lobbying to the max.
    I'm sure one of the reasons they are pushing so hard on it now is that it is difficult for the average user to do a .5-120GHz sweep to see what they are being subjected to, and for what, faster Facebook videos? so your fridge can order milk on it's own? Mains networking is bathing users (and their neighbours) in dirty supply RF, 5G phone will be 24/7/365 radiation in all locations.
    I know this sounds like a rant but I'm happy to follow link to independent health studies that have been performed before the roll out..
  • USB-C as a KiwiSDR Power Source?

    As a bit of follow up on the PSU I mentioned above (Nobsound 25W USB DC5V-24V Adjustable).
    I have found it is potentially dangerous as delivered to me.

    I was going to look how easy it was to disconnect the small fast fan as that is the biggest drawback with this PSU, it's a bit noisy. I started dissembling it and spotted a mark on the top metal cover where the centre bolt of the toroidial transformer mount was hitting the top cover, I know that is a bad idea as it creates a shorted turn through the case so then I looked at how I would take it apart to cleanly cut the bolt without leaving swarf in the PSU. The connection from the mains inlet earth goes via a tiny wire to a M2.5 screw through the back panel (Anodised) long story short there was no continuity between earth and the chassis.

    A couple hours later (lol) I had cut the centre bolt down and made new earthing connections to upper, lower covers and back panel (front panel is plastic).

    Not brilliant but I feel happier handling the thing now.
    I forgive some Chinese stuff as it is often really cheap but this was about £80, just poor IMO.