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Today's v1.694 update is hopefully a working version of the failed v1.691,692 release of a few days ago.
See the first post of the "v1.694" thread below for the CHANGE_LOG notes.
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  • This was in the middle of the day, and it was a different solar radio burst to what you saw (May 22nd 2021). 73 Mark VK5QI
  • I've spotted similar on the VK5ARG KiwiSDR: At first I thought there was some issue with the site, or someone had driven a RF-noisy car up to the antenna, but It was also visible on the Australian…
  • Yes, it averages over 100 samples: Edit: The kiwi is on 1.458. 73 Mark
    in v1.456,458,459 Comment by vk5qi May 2021
  • This update has certainly resulted in some changes to the FFT output! Quite obvious on the spectrogram. I expect it will also result in a change in SNR metrics.
    in v1.456,458,459 Comment by vk5qi May 2021
  • Just as a bit more information on this one, here's a spectrogram plot from one of the KiwiSDRs over a few days, and also the estimated total RX power (just from summing all the bins). The scales are not quite matching, still some work to do there. h…
  • To @linkfanel 's comment: After an areas local sunset, many shortwave stations will move to lower frequencies where propagation support is available to their target area, and so you end up with a lot of very strong shortwave stations which are ofte…
  • Yes, overload count is definitely useful - but it ties up a channel which could be used for more useful things. An overall A/D peak level (which would necessarily be done much further up the signal processing chain) would provide similar, but much m…
  • I've also advanced this a little bit further - I found out that the code was clipping the SNR at 40 dB! The SNR at the VK5ARG site exceeds 40 dB quite regularly, so there were many blank spots in the plots. The plot for one of the public KiwiSDRs is…
  • I've got LA3RK's code up and running on a RPi which is sitting out at the site with the KiwiSDRs, and have put the code with the relevant dependencies (e.g. the modified wsclient and mod_pywebsockets, which had me wondering for a while...) up on git…
  • That's brilliant, I'll have a go setting that up. If I make changes, do you mind if I put the code up on somewhere like Github? 73 Mark VK5QI
  • Yes! That looks pretty close to what I'm after. Any source code available? 73 Mark
  • FYI xssfox ended up developing a Amazon Web Service CloudWatch solution for monitoring the KiwiSDR status point. A screenshot of the tool and the files to do it are on github here: This does require familiar…
  • Didn't even know the status page existed :-) This is the kind of information I was looking for, thanks! 73 Mark
  • Nginx is likely the solution here then. If we get it working then I'll post a configuration here that others can use. We'll be experimenting with using a RPi (4) we happen to have at the remote site as the front-end. With only a small number of use…
  • Is there a minimum value to the abuf setting? My main aim here being to lower the latency as much as possible, accepting the potential for unreliability. (In this case, the KiwiSDR in question is only 14ms away, via a very good link). I've been abl…
  • +1 on support for this! As is mentioned in , a good to implement this would be to have a narrowband IQ receiver channel (bandwidth = maximum observable delay) track the ionosonde sweep precisely. I'…
    in Ionosonde Comment by vk5qi February 2019