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  • With arduino shield and I still have to open an admin-window and switch the antenna mixing deny No to Yes and back again (mixing allowed) to get "greens" for what is selected. IE in toggle mode there is no indication of what is selected on…
    in v1.685 Comment by sm0ohc June 5
  • Latest update to v1.682. Set to default and no antennas ticked seems to give ground as intended when the last user leaves ! But still with deny mixing set to Yes, when switching from eg 3 to 1, antenna 3 is not unselected but only nr 1 is indicated,…
  • Thanks for reply ! I use the Arduino version, and the kiwi autoupdates, so now release v1.680. A suggestion is to have "default antenna" ground when no user as a tickbox, as you said. You can take a look at "" how it…
  • Thank you for your efforts ! Very happy to see the possibility to control antenna switching without having to open another window. But I am missing the : "reset-to-default-antennas-when-no-users-online"-script Where I had all antennas grou…
  • Very nice input from you all ! If there is some rearrangement of the control panel and more, here comes my five cents: The S-meter, what I really use is dBm, a more readable font ! As mentionend, this is the most versatile receiver and I use it a lo…
  • Thank you for replies and suggestions. It was not a psu-problem ( I use a classical series-reg 5V 5Amp with 10000uF ) it was the SD-card. 73:s de  Kenneth / SM0OHC
  • Thank you for your reply. I will try to find another card. I ´m using a w-dows computer at the moment and the card doesn´t reformat under fat either so you are right. 73:s / K.