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  • Update December 2022: Something has changed recently with regards to the dependencies for Wireguard. Using the same Debian 10 Buster image that these directions were originally written for, the above procedure now bricks the BeagleBone by installing…
  • Thanks everyone for the info here. I built up several of these isolation boards, Minicircuits was out of the KK81 package so I used the regular T1-1+ and bent the leads down. It seems to help with the noise a bit. My antenna is just a fan/parallel d…
  • How many simultaneous demod channels can the BBAI-64 support? More than the 14 that the BBAI supports, or does the Beagle software still need updating for more channels?
  • Wow, that's a long datasheet! OK about not buying one for now, from an ease-of-use perspective it seems like a winner though. No homebrew cooling solution or linear power supply to USB-C adapter needed, that's super nice.
  • Thanks @n6gn for the OshPark files, I have ordered some. And thanks @HB9TMC and @G8JNJ for your insight. Does anybody know if the Minicircuits ADT1-1+ will also work? Looking at the specs, it seems to be comparable, but I'm not sure. 1 pF inter-wind…
  • @n6gn can you give a little more detail on your Minicircuits T1-1 setup? Is it mounted to a small circuit board with SMA connectors? Or just free hanging in a small project box? The center tap is just left disconnected?