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  • Hi Pekka, SAM / SAU / SAL are available in my fork of SuperSDR. You can switch into those modes with some new keybinds: SAM: Shift + A SAU: Shift + U SAL: Shift + L 73 / Good Luck / Have Fun, Phil AB9IL
  • Hi Marco, I'm enjoying SuperSDR quite a bit. I recently scripted a wrapper for it which reads a list of currently online KiwiSDRs and presents the top 50, based on SNR score. It uses fzf on the command line or Rofi as the gui, and they work similarl…
  • Has anyone tried the Python clients - Superkiwi and KiwiClient? I've had good results running them minimized / moved to my scratchpad. You may find they work more efficiently than having a browser open, but I have not tried either with Python on An…
  • Those are silly reasons to exclude non-hams from the list. Also, everyone should be aware that there are search tools which can find KiwiSDRs on the open internet. Shodan comes to mind as a popular one, but there are other crawlers. In the past, I…
  • That's a fine setup! Without the signal gen, a TCXO - derived osc should work well. We should see more VHF / UHF / Microwave conversions out there. I sure enjoy listening to Tokyo Control on your SDR. I've flown in and out of Osaka and Narita …
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  • Here's another thumbs up for using PulseAudio / Pavucontrol. I will add a suggestion to create multiple loopbacks, which you can either set up in your Pulseaudio config files or via the command line. You can then feed a multitrack recorder or mult…