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Kiwi un-registration not working?

Trying to un-register my private kiwi from . It looks like un-registering kiwis is not working although on the Admin side it says registration is not enabled...


  • It won't happen instantaneously. The list is rebuilt every two minutes. But the Kiwis are polled for status changes every 15 minutes so that doesn't get overwhelmed processing responses. So give it a little time..
  • Roger that! However, the kiwi has been operational for many hours today and yesterday but no change on the list...
  • jksjks
    edited May 2020
    Okay, I see what's happening. The change back in January to separate and registration is not fully reflected in the status code transmitted to update So the 15 minute response time won't apply in all cases. Rather, your listing will be removed after three days by the "inactivity" timeout. I have reduced this inactivity timeout to three hours instead. So your listings are now gone..
  • Ah that explains something I saw where I shared a test Kiwi (Large YouLoop with ML-30 amp) and once I'd decided it wasn't worth being public or more tests I took it off the lists only to get loads of connections to that Kiwi for the next couple of days (while I had moved on to other test setups).
    I had assumed someone had posted a link somewhere.

    Before anyone asks the YouLoop + ML-30 was OK in small parts but not very balanced (surprisingly for a large copper loop LF was poor) and the main feature of low noise was mostly lost.
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