New KiwSDR can't access local Browsers [fixed, power quality issue]

I have just installed my KiwiSDR kit (purchased via Drop about a year ago) and although my Internet modem can see it (and I have the IP address) I cannot get it to show up on my Windows 10 computer (using either the new Windows Edge or FireFox) or my Linux Machine using FireFox. Everything is wired on the LAN.

Even though the Modem shows the kiwisdr IP address, the, running on Linux, does not find it.

I have also set up the 8073 port to associate with kiwsidr as seen by the modem.

Any suggestions on what I need to do to get it working?

Thank you,

-Zyg- AF4MP


  • what address are you trying to access locally?
  • Try the link from
    It's not normally worth trying the WAN address from the LAN side of a router.
  • The local address shows as says nothing found..
  • can you access from within your LAN
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    How long has the Kiwi been running and connected to the Internet? First time out-of-the-box is takes the better part of an hour to do the first update. It should respond to a browser connection to "" but will be slow to respond as it is very busy doing the update (and even then you'll only get a message saying the update is in progress).
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    Can you ping the ip address from your Windows machine? If so, then it's possible the factory didn't install the Kiwi image on the Beagle. We've seen this quality-control problem a few times. Use the supplied micro sd card to re-flash the Kiwi image onto the Beagle. Instructions on the printed sheet that came with your Kiwi and also here:

    If you re-flash the Kiwi still has to go through the long update process over the Internet to get the latest software (i.e. the sd card doesn't contain the latest version)
  • I cannot and have not be able to access from within my LAN. There has been absolutely no communication from the Kiwi.

    I turned on the Kiwi yesterday and fiddled around with it for most of the day and evening. It has been on for about six hours today.
  • Yeah, just re-flash it.
  • Nope, pinging shows nothing.

    OK, I'll re-flash it.


    -Zyg- AF4MP
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    point your browser at, I guess you have done that.... but that's what to try before struggling with access from external IP
  • I really have not been trying, or wanting to access from the external IP. All I've been doing is using I associated the port 8073, in the modem firewall, with the kiwi unit thinking that would help.

    I have just re-flashed and have started it up again. Pinging still shows no go, and can't see it, but I'm leaving it on for a while to see if anything changes.
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    If the modem/router is assigning the Kiwi an ip address, but you can't subsequently ping it, then something is dreadfully wrong. Do you have yellow and green LEDs lit on the Kiwi Beagle's RJ45 Ethernet connector? Does the green LED periodically blink? (in response to network traffic)

    On the 4 blue LEDs of the Beagle does the one closest to the edge of the PCB double-flash every second or so? This is the Linux heartbeat indicator.

    I don't know what "associating port 8073 with the Kiwi unit" means unless you mean making an entry in the router's NAT table. But that's really only relevant for Internet access.
  • How are you deciding that the .88 ip is being assigned to the Kiwi? If your router's DHCP table shows the corresponding Ethernet MAC address for this ip then enter the MAC at this website and see if the Manufacturer reports "Texas Instruments" (which makes the cpu chip the Beagle uses containing the Ethernet controller).
  • Yes, the green Ethernet lights are blinking.

    The 4 blue LEDs appear to be blinking correctly, with the Ist one double-flashing as stated.

    The wire shark reports: 40:BD:32 TexasIns Texas Instruments

    As for the 8073 port I set it up for the Firewall Application Profile in the Internet Modem/Router when I was not able to see it with the browsers.

    Here is the LAN IP address from the Pace 5268ac Router/modem

    With pinging, just got a positive response as follows:

    and this is what happens when I enter into the browser:

    Many thanks for your help,

    -Zyg- AF4MP
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    Who's at .65, responding with a not-reachable error during the first 3 pings? Is that the Windows machine or the router perhaps? Note that the 4th ping seemed to work, but only after a delay of almost 1 second! (time=994ms). Is the Windows machine on the same subnet as the Kiwi? (i.e. 192.168.1.xx)

    Is there WiFi involved in any part of your local network? I.e. the Kiwi is on a wired connection, but the Windows machine is on WiFi even though they are both on the same 192.168.1.xx subnet.
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    I'm pretty sure this is a network configuration issue between the Windows machine and the Kiwi. Is there any other device with a wired connection like the Kiwi you can successfully ping from Windows? Like a printer or something? This is tricky because not all devices will be pingable.
  • what does this display show on the modem/router
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    I suppose the other possibility is that this is an Ethernet hardware problem on the Beagle. Something causing severe packet loss. Do you have another Ethernet cable you can try between the Kiwi and router? Try a different Ethernet port on the router?
  • The .65 is my Windows 10 computer running windows 10 home edition with the new Edge browser.

    Although I have WiFi integrated with the Router/modem it is not used here.

    I had originally ran the Ethernet cable to the Kiwi directly from the Pace Router/modem, and then ran it through a switch both times experiencing the same problem.

    Just now I took a brand new, and I mean never used, cable and attached it to one of the ports of the Pace 5268ac Router/modem and the Kiwi and pinged it several times. The result is not pretty:

    I then pinged another device on the network, the smart thermostat in our home, and received the following:

    Thank you for taking the time to help me,


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    Do you have Paypal? If so, buy a replacement Beaglebone Green from Mouser and I'll reimburse you all your costs (shipping, tariff etc.) via Paypal because that's the only mechanism I have.

    I can't buy it and have it drop-shipped to you because of tax and EAR problems. Speaking of EAR, Mouser _may_ ask you to fill out a form where you pinky swear not to divert the BBG to the bad guys (completely ignoring the fact that it was already built in Shenzhen :/ )

    (don't buy the Beaglebone Green Wireless -- it's not physically compatible, i.e. you can't plug the Kiwi card in)
  • That is very kind of you.

    I have an account at Mouser and use PayPal all the time.

    Thank you,

    -Zyg- AF4MP
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    Okay, good. Please send your Paypal address to when you've got the total amount. Hopefully a new BBG will get you running.
  • Thank you again!

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    Shout out for
    Also if it has the feature I'd ping from the router direct over different cables and alternative network ports, that thermostat ping time over wireless (assumed) is very variable so take all other links out of the equation.
    If I ping from UK to another office (6,800miles) it is about 175ms.
  • You are correct the thermostat is wireless, glad you pointed that out - I wasn't thinking correctly when I submitted that ping.

    So here is the ping to the wired connection of one of Directv mini-genie client receivers in the house:

    -Zyg- AF4MP
  • Seeed had a batch of BBGs with bad Ethernet phy chips a while back (or bad magnetics in the RJ45 causing phy problems -- it was never clear). Although I thought it was more than a year ago. So if this was a Kiwi purchased from a year ago that's been sitting in the box ever since then it's quite possible it has a BBG with the known defect.
  • Yes, it had been in the box since October 2018. Due to unforeseen circumstances I was unable to get around to opening it up until this week.

    I really appreciate the excellent customer service particularly after a year of inactivity on my part. Most impressive!

    -Zyg- AF4MP
  • Well my new BeagleBoneGreen arrived. Unfortunately when coupled with the Kiwi it exhibits exactly the same symptoms as the original Beagle & Kiwi. One thing I didn't do before was to ping the Beagle by itself without the Kiwi attached. Pinging both the old and the new Beagles naked, with just power and ethernet cables connected, and unattached to the Kiwi board showed no problems and no latency. Looks like the old BeagleBone is still good.

    The problem shows up only when the Kiwi board is attached. I looked over to see if there are any obvious physical signs on the Kiwi board such as bent pins etc., but all looks OK.

    -Zyg- AF4MP
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    Then it's a power supply power quality problem or there is some software issue when the Kiwi server starts that is effecting the Ethernet port (it won't start when the Kiwi board is not installed). There is no hardware reason the Kiwi board will effect the Ethernet except indirectly by putting a greater load on the power supply.

    With the Kiwi board removed can you ssh into the Beagle and use the commands:
    This will disable the server completely. Then re-install the Kiwi board and power up and see what happens.
  • Another thing to look at when the Kiwi board is installed is the 3.3V voltage on the Kiwi P9-3,4 header pin. See the troubleshooting guide for location: When doing so be extremely careful not to short any of those pins to each other with your multimeter probe. Otherwise you can short them to ground, or worse, 3.3V to 5V etc.
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