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An easy way to set extended time for one user?...

Any possibility this could be included? I would like to, for example, give a password to a user for one channel (of my choice) for a specified longer period of time (set in the admin page), say 24 hours or more. He should be able to enter the password upon log in, not something triggered by the standard time usage or # of channels in use. If he doesn't require a waterfall channel then I'd like to specify an audio channel. This would be to be a fairly useful option as I have plenty of KIWI channels. Thanks, Don VE6JY


  • Don,
    There is a pause in development.

    In the mean time, you do have the password option that you can give individual users for extended time. Not as full featured as you ask, but with cooperation, it should be useful.
  • You can already specify it in the URL with the pwd= or password= parameter to prevent a timeout, you can also specify a protected channel to use.

    From the quick start guide

    Some Kiwis have connection time limits and/or masked reception frequencies. But the operator may also choose to setup an exemption password. You will be prompted for this password when a timeout occurs. But you can also specify it in the URL with the pwd= or password= parameter to prevent a timeout that might otherwise interrupt, for example, file recording. Specifying the exemption password in the URL will prevent the masked reception frequencies from being applied.

    Some Kiwis are configured to have a mix of password protected channels and publicly available channels not requiring a password. If you want to connect and specify a password so as not to decrease the pool of public channels then give the p, prot or protected parameter in the URL. Note that if you are connecting from the same local network as the Kiwi, and admin auto-login has been setup, this is counted as a connection from the password protected pool and you do not need to specify this parameter.

    However being able to require use of a specific channel is tricky, especially if someone is already using it, unless you just randomly kick them off.


    Martin - G8JNJ
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    Yes I saw the pause in development - just after I submitted the question. I think the command line option will do the job. My purpose is specifying the rx channel was avoid using up a waterfall channel when only an audio channel was needed. But this is close enough. Thanks! And I see the no wf option is there as well so the solution is complete.
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