WHRI 9840 KHz OV

Is anybody else experiencing issues with that station? It peaks -30 dBM here at times and gets "wide"


  • Screen capture with Flex 6600M on 20 meter dipole.
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    KD2OM capture on his Flex 6600 was at a lower level than on my Kiwi
  • I think it's probably just a transmitter problem.

    These days many broadcasters are running on a shoestring and don't have full time engineers on site, so problems like this can occur and they don't get noticed unless someone tells them. It's particularly problematic with modern transmitters, as they have much more that can go wrong with them.

    I heard Radio Free Asia on 13735KHz emitting spurious sidebands about 40dB down on the carrier centered on 13755KHz a couple of days ago and sent them an email.


    Martin - G8JNJ (ex-broadcast engineer a long time ago)
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    Budget should not be a problem for the whri people
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