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Hello: I recently moved from one side of the United States to the other (from Seattle, Washington to Naples, Florida) and during my move, I took my KiwiSDR offline. I now have it up and running in the new location (Naples, Florida).

Question: How long does it take for the map on the main page of to show my Kiwi's new location? Also, on the "Receivers" section of that same website, it is showing my Kiwi as still being located in Seattle, Washington (receiver is marked as "Curt Rowlett, Seattle, Washington USA"). Same question, how long does it take for the new location information to correct?

Thank you,

Curt Rowlett / W9SPY
Naples, Florida USA


  • Maybe a silly question, but nevertheless: Did you change Grid square and Location on the tab on Admin Interface?
  • Bjarne: Yes, I updated the grid square, lat/longs, elevation, address.
  • Update: I found the fix. I had updated all of the location data in every tab except for the tab. I entered in the new information and it now appears on the map.
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