Fixing broken kiwirecorder installation [fixed now]

I have previously easily installed and run kiwirecorder on a Pi-3b running Stretch. However today my installation attempt results in what appear to be python errors, but only when it is run with '--dt-sec=120':

pi@raspberrypi:~/wsprdaemon/kiwiclient $ python -u /home/pi/wsprdaemon/kiwiclient/ --freq=14095.6 --server-host= --server-port=8273 --user=wsprdaemon_v2.5a --password=foobar --agc-gain=60 --quiet --no_compression --modulation=usb --lp-cutoff=1340 --hp-cutoff=1660 --dt-sec=120
2019-10-29 17:30:01,202 pid 5713 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'tm_hour'
2019-10-29 17:30:01,203 pid 5713 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'tm_hour'

I'm not really literate in Python, but it appears the 'time' package doesn't include the 'tm_hour' field. This suggests some kind of incompatibility between the running version of Python and its time library.
Removing and reinstalling python-numpy did not fix it, and I hesitate to try to reinstall python on this remote system.

This is my first greenfield installation of the new kwirecorder which includes '--OV', if that has any relevance to the problem.


  • Hi Rob,

    I can reproduce the problem. A fix is on its way. There is no need to reinstall python.
  • jksjks
    edited October 2019
    I merged Christoph's change (if you happen to get repo notifications). But for me recording a file using --dt-sec now just spins. So I'm looking at this. I need to merge with the latest feature request anyway. So please hold off on updating.
  • Okay, I believe everything is fixed now. Please update from my repo (either master or jks-v0.1 depending on what you have).
    Apologies for this..
  • No problem. It works now and I appreciate your quick response.
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