update problem [Debian filesystem was full. Huge log files, reason unknown]

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Hello, Kiwi friends,

I'm having the problem that I can't do an update.
When checking for a new update I get the following error message: "Error determining the latest version -- check log"

The log file then contains the following:
Mon Jul 29 14:58:24 00:22:09.319 .... UPDATE: force update check by admin
Mon Jul 29 14:58:24 00:22:09.323 .... UPDATE: checking for updates
Mon Jul 29 14:58:25 00:22:10.350 .... UPDATE: curl Makefile error, no Internet access? status=0x00001700 WIFEXITED=1 WEXITSTATUS=23
Mon Jul 29 14:58:25 00:22:10.354 .... task update_task:P3:T03((1000.000 msec) TaskSleep) exited by returning

The Kiwi has an internet connection, port sharing is set correctly and NAT also works.
I can't get any further, can anyone help me?


  • I assume DNS is working OK?

    If you SSH to the Kiwi and "traceroute public.kiwisdr.com"
    does it correctly get an IP address and then show the route to it?

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    yes works and shows me my own IP when I use traceroute, also traceroute to public.kiwisdr.com works fine
  • I don't understand the first bit "my own IP" does that mean the first entry shows your network gateway?

    What version are you currently running and has it updated OK before?
  • yes the update always worked without any problems until now. at the moment version 1.304 is running on the kiwi.
    Traceroute shows me as first entry my ip of the router
    and also the IP of public.kiwisdr.com (
  • the problem has been solved. i think that kiwi had a problem with the update server. now everything is working fine again and my kiwi does the update without any problems. thanks for the fast support here in the forum.
  • It's because I just removed (remotely from the beautiful island of Rarotonga whilst on holiday) 1.8GB of junk from your Kiwi's log files. Your Kiwi's filesystem was full so the update could not proceed. I have no idea why it was in this condition. I started to look at the log file. When I saw the word "Microsoft" I stopped reading.
  • Now that is after sales service.
  • Many many thanks for your help, how i can prevent my kiwi that such a problem don't come again? Were i find the log when the problem comes back that i can erase it my self? Aigain many many thanks!
  • I don't know why or where all the log messages were from. Maybe it won't happen again.

    Use ssh/PuTTY to login to the Beagle. "df ." command will tell you if your filesystem is full. "cd /var/log" then "du". End of printout from du will be the largest files. I did a "rm syslog daemon.log" because they were huge. But that isn't enough. You have to "reboot" afterwards or else the space will not be freed.
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