KiwiSDR as remote controlled RX

Is it possilbe to access the KiwiSDR audio stream directly and control without using the web interface. Ideally I would like to see a client program which can read rig frequency and make the KiwiSDR follow and deliver the resulting audio from the client program. Manually controlling the KiwiSDR to track the rig is cumbersome.
Linux application preferred.
Any ideas?

73 de Olaf


  • Thanks, seems this python script is a good start.
    Ideally I would use this to get audio out from the pc and ask the kiwisdr to follow eg thhe second rx on the K3. Ie an effective 3rd receiver which can be located remote and only use the audio bandwidth. My remote location is on a 3G network ie billed by amount, not by month. Opening up the Kiwi for general use would increase the network bill.
    73 de Olaf - LA3RK
  • Cat Sync?
    Stick a password on your Kiwi or change the port to something like 37008 and i'd be surprised if you'll have any issues.
    Plus you don't need to register it on as long as you can find the IP address via your router DDNS or similar you should be OK.
  • " My remote location is on a 3G network"

    You may also need to find a way to deal with Carrier Grade NAT (CGN) which means that you won't have a defined public IP address.

    I had to use the KiwiSDR reverse proxy service provided by John in order to access one of my KiWi's running on a 4G dongle.


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • I am currently using dyndns to access a raspberry on that location. Follows the dynamically allocated ips I get more or less every day from the provider. So accessing a kiwisdr directly is just a matter of forwarding a port on the 4G router.

    73 de Olaf - LA3RK
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