Specify which receiver number to use? [fixed in v1.272]

Is there a way to specify which receiver number to use, say as part of the URL, and if not could one be added? Sometimes I would like to use RX3, which I have password protected, locally, to keep all the other receivers open for remote users.


  • Oh yea, I can really see how this would be helpful.

  • A strong vote for this functionality! We have two password-protected receivers (out of total four) in our kiwi, and would like to use those receivers to allow other remote users use the open receivers. As Chris says, this could be implemented, for instance, as a URL parameter, e.g. "rx=3".
  • jksjks
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    Fixed in v1.272
    From the CHANGE_LOG file:
    v1.272  March 14, 2019
        Added URL parameters "p", "prot" and "protected" (they are all equivalent) to force a
            password protected channel to be used when connecting. This is for the case of a Kiwi with
            a mix of password protected channels and publicly available channels without a password. 
            And you want to connect without decreasing the pool of public channels.
            Note that if you are connecting from the same local network as the Kiwi, and admin auto-login
            has been setup, this is counted as a connection from the password protected pool and you
            do not need to specify this parameter. So you would not need to specify the "prot"
            parameter for a Kiwi on your local network but you would need it for a Kiwi installed at
            a remote location. Or it would be needed by a group of users to access the private channel(s)
            without impacting the availability of the public pool.
    More information about URL parameters: http://kiwisdr.com/quickstart/index.html#id-user-tune
    kiwiclient.py needs to be modified to take advantage of this change.
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    Cool, thanks!! However, could you please elaborate on the use of this a little bit: if my URL (e.g. a bookmark) is http://oh6bg.ddns.net:8073/?p , I am requesting a password-protected channel if, in my case, the password-protected ones are RX2 and RX3 (provided that RX0 and RX1 are public, I think) I would then expect that the kiwi should ask for the password so that a password-protected RX channel can be assigned. However, this example URL does not prompt for anything and assigns RX0 (a public channel?) if there are no other users... perhaps I am just missing something here...?

    TNX & 73 Jari
  • hmmm... /?p should work here? I think & is used to delimit multiple parameters, e.g. http://oh6bg.ddns.net:8073/?f=15140/100,3200usb&p
  • It prompted me for a password in that form, only.
    I'll tell you what worked not what should work, I'm not bright enough for that...

    If you want me to test (and don't have others using it) set a temporary password and I'll give it a go.
  • jpejpe
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    Ah OK! I switched to another browser and then it worked, strange. /?p worked too :smile: It assigned the first available RX (RX0) for me in my test case so it seems that the channels per se are not internally flagged as "public" or "private".
  • I wonder if it is to do with searching from the url line, mine spat me into a web search even though it looked fine, twice.
    Maybe the & wasn't the fix the third attempt was.
  • @jpe Forget about RXn channel numbers. Specific channel numbers are not bound to any password protection setting. The only thing that matters is the number of channels that have been exempted from password protection when a user-access password has been set (via the menu setting on the admin page security tab).

    Also, you are correct about '?' and '&' in URLs. But '?&' works, probably because the '&' is ignored. If you actually wanted to use an '&' in your URL parameter it would have to be escaped.
  • @jks it all makes sense, thanks!
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