Odd GPS behavior [confirmed fixed in v1.246]

edited December 2018 in Problems Now Fixed
For several months I have noted that sometimes the KiwiSDR GPS behaves in an odd way. In the admin/GPS tab, the status field contains a "S" flag which most of the time flashes green but sometimes flashes red. I have not seen any documentation on the meaning of this "S" flag but my understanding is that green means that a GPS solution was found and red that no GPS solution was found. Most times the "S" flag flashes red, it does so only for a few seconds. A number of times I have seen it flashing red for several minutes despite having plenty of "good" satellites available. For normal listening this is probably not an issue but for TDoA it is a real issue. Occasionally I have seen my KiwiSDR respond with "No recent GPS timestamps" despite more than sufficient number of "good" satellites. I have also seen my KiwiSDR disappear from the TDoA map due to this issue.

The enclosed screenshot is really odd: latitude and longitude are off by several km and altitude is off by 2300m.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour of the KiwiSDR GPS?

Best Regards

Mauritz / SM2BYC



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