Save money on another Kiwi or tell a friend [KiwiSDR sometimes on for $100 off MSRP]



  • Put like that it makes sense, back up the orders till they have a enough to order a large quantity of common SMD components, as the things have been run before I expect the setup is fairly automated with fiducial markers so they could part populate with common values, then fill in later with less common. Probably make a good documentary economy of scale in the small run electronics field.
    I've just got to work out now (assuming it arrives) if I run two at home or try to put one at work (same town and probably slightly worse location unless I hide an active antenna in a hedgerow).
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    I think they buy parts in quantity. It's just the manufacturing runs that seems to be small/optimized. It's incredibly important to get good prices on the 3 main components: FPGA, ADC, ADC preamp. And you can only do that by purchasing in quantity directly from the manufacturer (not distribution). I've had discussions with them about this.
  • I know work had issues with specialised controllers and have had to buy up stocks of them as they were due to go out of production in the supported lifetime of the product. It was easier (although not cheap) to buy a shed load than rewrite, test and support the code for another processor that didn't have the same interfaces. With the pace of change now it must be hard to keep to components that will still be around and (in this case) reasonable value even in two years. For me the Kiwi has been a fantastic product, I just need the next one to take SFP modules and have a case option that can be buried, or mast head mounted with an active antenna I don't want much...Oh and to be cheap and supported for ten years..
  • I had this exact conversation with Linear Technology early on (supplier of the Kiwi ADC & ADC preamp). They told me that, with very few exceptions, it was company policy not to end-of-life (EOL) any products. I found this rather incredible. But it probably makes for a heck of a marketing strategy. Of course LT has now been acquired by Analog Devices and who knows what the current story is.
  • Oh, and please tell me about your SFP experiences (start another thread). I spent some time once looking around for ultra cheap Ethernet 10 mbps E/O components as a possible solution to our wired Ethernet EMI problems.
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    That is interesting on LT, can see how that would make them the preferred source for designers who have been bitten before or who are thinking about the future support. I think our problem processor was/is Ubicom, not sure what FPGA's are used in various cards but that can be an issue too if the guy who did them originally was an external specialist and other staff have moved around/left and the specific quirks of the application take a lot of reading to ensure we understand the requirements exactly before a refresh. I'll start another thread on Optical stuff, not that I'm that well up on it but once I started to dabble it is surprisingly cheap and easy now (to build a basic few links anyway).
  • Just got a notification from Massdrop that my KiwiSDR has shipped. When I go to the tracking informing, it only shows that the shipping label was created. I wonder if they actually are shipping the item out via FedEx today, or if it left the factory in China, and they just created the shipping label, which they'll stick on the box once it gets to the US.

    I did not get anything useful from their customer support - they did not now why the shipping was delayed, or when the item would ship - not very helpful.
  • I punched the tracking number I got into the FedEx site and it shows a location of Edison NJ, so they are in the USA. I am not sure if they are shipping express or ground, my guess from previous drop comments is ground. I'm in MD, so at least it is not a long truck drive here :)
  • How do you get to Massdrop support? The last shipment took two weeks to get to the west coast and i want to pay for regular UPS ground instead
  • Chris, mine also lists Edison, NJ, but you need to check the status of the shipment - if it still says "Label created", that means that all we know is that the label is in Edison, NJ. It does not say anything about where the actual box is. A few months ago I ordered a 3D printer, and I got the FedEx "Label created" status almost immediately, but the box with the printer was actually shipped from China, and it took about two weeks until that label got stuck to my box and started to travel. Once the label actually moves (hopefully because it's stuck to a box), we will know more about an estimated delivery date.
  • @rrobinet - in your Massdrop account go to your transactions, then select the drop you want to contact support about. You should now see a "CONTACT SUPPORT" link under the transaction. You can also go straight to
  • It’s actually moving, and should be here on Saturday. Yay!
  • Yes, mine is supposed to arrive Friday, it just got to my local post office tonight. I guess I need to sort out the PSU after all :smile:
  • My KiwiSDR via MassDrop just arrived (I am in Maryland). Getting it set up now.
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    I just got the demand for VAT and import duties!

    It is still a decent saving but Martin Lynch & sons are doing it £260 with the metal case currently, so UK users with short attention spans and healthy bank balance, should probably go there.
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    October 7/8: Massdrop is active again for 7 days. $80 discount on the Kiwi kit ($219 vs $299). Free (but slow) shipping to the USA. Best deal out there. Limited quantities available and over 70 people were on the notification list. So don't delay.
  • Yep, I have been spreading the word on several groups I am on, as well as the I know I got several people to buy one :)

    I write SDR related software, I could see some potential uses for a second dedicated unit just for experimenting, besides the one I have online for general use. I am trying to resist ordering a second unit...
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    It didn't appear for a number of days, but there is now a counter that says "19 left" (at the time of this writing, with 4 days to go in the drop). So if you've assumed they are all gone they're not.
  • My second one has arrived, not tested yet, and of course have to work late today.
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    November 23/24: Massdrop is active again, but currently marked as for only 3 days instead of the usual 7. So don't delay. Maybe as part of the USA "Black Friday" nonsense. $80 discount on the Kiwi kit ($219 vs $299). Free (but slow) shipping to the USA. Best deal out there for sure.
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    December 26/27: Massdrop is active again for 5 days. $100 discount this time for the Kiwi kit ($199 vs $299). That's the same price as the Kiwi board-only! I don't know how they do it, tbh. Free (but slow) shipping to the USA. Some international shipping available. Best deal out there for sure.
  • Drop Ended
    Interested in this drop? Hit "Request" and you'll be notified when the drop is available.
    600 REQUESTS
    213 SOLD

    Hello!! Way to go John! Must have been all my videos posted on the Facebook group "Shortwave Radio Station Listening". Currently 11,289 members in that group. :) :)
  • January 18/19: Massdrop is active again for 6 days (but subject to the unspecified "limited quantity" selling out early). $100 discount this time for the Kiwi kit ($199 vs $299). Best deal out there for sure if you're willing to wait a while for delivery.
  • John, I put in a Massdrop request and order a month or two ago and the money was refunded to me - I guess for the Seeed production delays that you mentioned previously. My Massdrop order request is still there with REQUESTED showing in red in a red box - so I'm guessing I'm still on the list. When it changes to the next phase of CONFIRM (or COMMIT or whatever) do I get an opportunity to increase the quantity from 1 unit to 2 units ? I've forgotten the exact sequence.

    Thanks, Jamie VK2YCJ
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    "Requested" just means you'll get an email when the next drop occurs. The previous drop was completely cancelled and there are no pending orders as far as I know. Once you get the email don't delay in placing your order as quantities are limited and there are a large number of people waiting for the next drop.

    I am not affiliated with Massdrop in any way, so I don't know exactly when a drop might occur once Seeed has units in stock again (hopefully in just over a week or so).
  • Sure enough, a few hours later and a drop seems to be open, lol.
  • It's already ended. Not sure if that is a good sign or a bad sign.
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    At that price they are only allowed to sell around a dozen or so per drop.
  • "you and 25 other members made this drop a success." so make that 2 dozen or so ;-) Shipping early May.
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