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Ability to re-plot without capturing new I/Q files [added in v1.222]

edited September 2018 in TDoA topics
Hi John,

Would it be possible to add an additional function to the TDoA extension so that if you have already performed one run, but need to alter the map parameters, it would be possible to resize the map and just re-submit the existing I/Q files rather than having to go though the whole capture process again.

This is particularly important a signal is fleeting and you already have a good set of captures

Also would it be possible to resubmit existing captures but with one of more files omitted. e.g. if a run is good, but say a couple of KiWi's are providing poor plots but the rest are good, it would be great if the poor plots could be removed to 'clean' up the final plot.


Martin - G8JNJ


  • Added in v1.222
  • Thanks John,

    That makes a huge difference to the speed and ease of use of the TDoA function.

    Much appreciated.


    Martin - G8JNJ
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